EMS@C-Level 2021 Season – Mariana Kobal and Shane Hassett, co-founders of WAZP

In the 2021 series of EMS@C-level, I am talking to new executives as well as checking in with those I spoke to in the depths of the pandemic. It’s always refreshing to talk to people that have taken a totally disruptive approach to the industry and are leveraging the latest tech and the latest trends. Mariana and Shane realized that changes in consumer behavior required changes in supply chain design as well as the way products are made. They are leveraging the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) trends, additive manufacturing and an asset light on-demand supply chain to provide a product solution that is creative and gets from idea to consumer faster than ever.

EMS@C-Level is sponsored in 2021 by leading inspection company Koh Young (www.kohyoung.com) and by CNC Autonomy Specialist CloudNC (www.cloudnc.com)

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