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Koh Young Announces its October 30th Future Forum 2023 Webinar on “Powered by Generative AI: Accelerating Inspection Advancements”

Seoul, Korea – Koh Young, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, is pleased to announce registration is open for the next installment of its captivating Future Forum webinar series focused on how Generative AI or GenAI is accelerating inspection advancements. This exclusive online event promises to be a valuable and insightful experience, tailored to enrich your understanding of GenAI with discussion and demonstrations on October 30th and November 1st in multiple languages. Koh Young’s Sarah Chi will host the English sessions and ZHIQUAN Chi from the Koh Young China team will host the Chinese session.

Inspection plays a pivotal role in manufacturing, as it is essential to ensure that products conform to established standards and customer expectations. Nevertheless, effective quality control faces various challenges, including inconsistent inspections, human errors, and process complexity. The root cause of inconsistent inspections can be attributed to the sheer complexity and volume of manufacturing processes, making it difficult for human inspectors to detect every defect.

GenAI is a promising solution to address these challenges because its advanced algorithms excel at analyzing extensive datasets and swiftly identifying defects and anomalies that may elude manual inspection. GenAI-powered tools can prove invaluable by continuously monitoring real-time data sources, analyzing information, and identifying potential issues with minimal human intervention. By employing this technology, you can ensure that your customers receive products of the highest quality, free from defects.

The webinar will include two (2) sessions in English across different time zones, as well as another session in Chinese. Following the presentation, Koh Young experts will be available in a live Q&A. You can submit specific questions during registration for our panel to address during the webinar. You can secure your seat at or by registering through the links below. While the webinar is free of charge, pre-registration is required.






Monday30 Oct 2023

1:00PM EDT


Wednesday01 Nov 2023

4:00PM BJT


Thursday02 Nov 2023




You do not want to miss this exceptional learning opportunity at the Koh Young Future Forum 2023 webinar. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend, you can still explore Koh Young’s award-winning solutions by visiting our website at We eagerly anticipate your participation in this upcoming installment of our enlightening webinar series, as we continue our year-long journey of learning, progress, and exploration together!

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