High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference Comes to Dallas, Texas

Minneapolis, MN – The SMTA is pleased to announce the finalized technical program for the High-Reliability Cleaning and Conformal Coating Conference. The in-person event takes place October 5-7, 2021 at the DoubleTree by Hilton – Dallas Market Center in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Two Professional Development Courses kick off the event on Tuesday, October 5. Mike Konrad, Aqueous Technologies, instructs the morning course titled, “Cleaning and Cleanliness Quantification Bootcamp.” The afternoon course, “J-STD-001 Section 8 Objective Data – Where Do I Start?”, is co-instructed by Doug Pauls, Collins Aerospace; Mike Bixenman and Mark McMeen, Magnalytix.

The technical program addresses Cleaning Processes, Conformal Coating, Materials Characterization, Surface Reliability, Safety, Field Reliability, and Recovery. Speakers from Collins Aerospace, Continental, Honeywell FM&T, Rockwell Automation, Sandia National Labs and more will present research results and best practices.

Rajan Ambat, Ph.D., University of Denmark, will keynote the Wednesday program, presenting “PCBA Cleanliness in Relation to Humidity Effects on Electronics and Conformal Coating Performance.”

Andrew Kostic, Ph.D., Tin Whiskers Group, will provide his keynote presentation, “Lead-Free Tin – A Cure Worse than the Disease”, on the final day of the conference.

Tabletop exhibit, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities are all currently available.

For full details visit: https://smta.org/cleaning/. Please contact Tanya Martin at cleaning@smta.org or +1-952-920-7682 with any questions.

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