Introducing lykos: esmo group’s innovative BIB loader/unloader for the semiconductor industry

Rosenheim, Germany — esmo group (esmo), a full-service systems integrator that provides innovative and advanced engineering services, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, lykos, a modular Burn-in Board (BIB) loading and unloading system designed to eliminate manual placement and orientation errors.

With high demand for microchips, the industry needs an efficient way to manage the volume and turnaround time during burn-in, a process to detect early failures in semiconductor devices. Manual burn-in methods — including hand placement, manual flipping, and manual stacking — are slow, error-prone, and can damage delicate wafers, ultimately leading to costly downtime and product defects.

lykos, a reliable and portable device handling system, offers users modular machine configuration and options that can meet specific requirements and applications. Featuring ergonomic control panels and user-friendly software, the system eliminates the need for manual placement and orientation, ensuring reliable and accurate operations. With its advanced automation capabilities, lykos enhances operational efficiency, reduces manufacturing defects, and accelerates production cycles.


“lykos represents a significant leap forward in board handling technology, offering distinct advantages over traditional manual systems,” shared Josef Weinberger, Head of Business Unit, esmo semicon. “It seamlessly integrates with existing production lines and can be customised to meet specific requirements.”

The lykos features fully automated open top sockets (OTS) loading, flexible BIB clamping for different sizes, and an impressive conversion time of less than 3 minutes, including BIB change.

Other key features of lykos include:

  • Device pin1 orientation in BIB
  • Handling of devices up to 1x1mm
  • Highly accurate and reliable 4+1-axis portal pick-and-place robot system (±0.05mm accuracy)
  • Integrated camera system for pick-and-place position teaching
  • RS232/TCP/IP or optional GPIB tester interfaces
  • High MTBF values, low maintenance efforts
  • Optional positioning vision system, ionizer, vacuum generator, and signal light tower systems

lykos is now available globally. For more information, please visit

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