Latest Issue of TTI SoluTTIons Discusses the Future of Wireless and Industry 4.0

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, has just released the first quarter issue of SoluTTIons, its online publication highlighting the latest design options in the electronics industry. This issue focuses on industrial applications.

With rapid advances in wireless communication and the emergence of Industry 4.0, the possibilities for growth and challenges in design have never been greater for industry. Mastering the new technology and tools is essential for designers to optimize its vast potential.

SoluTTIons content is written by TTI’s own industry experts and supplier partners and includes articles on “What’s Next for Industrial Wireless Communications,” “How Industry 4.0 is Changing the Architecture of Industrial Automations,” “Ethernet Evolution for Deterministic Industrial Applications” and “Thermal Management Solutions for Automotive and Mil/Aero.”

Content includes articles from TTI’s Felix Corbett, Director, Supplier Marketing, Europe, and Joseph Forbes Petri, Electronics Assembly Solutions Account Manager at 3M.

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