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MacroFab Hosts EMS 2.0 Webinar

Find out how EMS 2.0 enables new levels of agility and efficiency for your electronics production.

The webinar will take place at 9am pacific, 12pm eastern on Thursday, December 19 th .

According to Forbes , MacroFab is one of the pioneers of the Manufacturing-as-a-Service revolution that is radically changing the way manufacturing services and other outsourced production processes are sourced and managed. Industry analysts are calling this new world of digital-first electronics manufacturing EMS 2.0 .

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If you’re a supply chain professional, engineer or an innovator this webinar will show you how you can access an agile digital platform that brings the world of competitive electronic manufacturing services within reach for a company of any size.

You will learn how: 

  • Smart, digital-first manufacturing platforms are simplifying the way electronics moves through every stage of production, seamlessly going from single unit prototypes to high volume production.
  • A common platform for supply chain and engineering saves time, improves workflow and enables collaboration between your teams.
  • Online pricing engines enable better decision making with a real-time view into cost drivers, lead times and supply chain availability.
  • Smart algorithms assure a perfect match between factory capabilities and your business/technology needs.
  • Full systems production and testing scales at globally competitive pricing without the long lead times and hidden costs inherent to manufac turing in China.
  • Factory portability enables better control over your lead times, while eliminating tariff exposure.

This could be the most important hour you spend this year. Sign up here and see how EMS 2.0 will improve your 2020 vision and accelerate your digital transformation.

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