Movie Monday: The Challenges Of Quoting Electronic Circuit Assemblies

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Last week, Eric Miscoll recorded a very well attended webinar with guests Mark Laing, Siemens Digital Manufacturing and Kevin Decker-Weiss of CircuitByte.

The topic represents a major challenge for the EMS industry, especially as supply chain disruptions become an everyday occurrence and component availability becomes even less predictable. In this discussion, Eric’s guests tackle these thorny issues, offering new solutions that Kevin predicts will help usher in Supply Chain 4.0. he explains the importance of connectivity rather than merely calculation in the quoting process. They delve into challenges of inaccurate data from the OEM customer, and taking a holistic approach to looking at the quote as a complete product, rather than just a bill of materials.

It’s a fascinating topic and this hour-long webinar is filled with useful insights.

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