Zollner Elektronik AG is doing its part: respiratory devices and test systems

With our reliable and comprehensive support services, Zollner Elektronik AG is making a critical contribution to overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 60 of the company’s customers are system-relevant; many of them are established businesses in the Medical Technology sector.

For example, Zollner produces the two modules for the pneumatic power supply and backup of a respiratory system from a renowned German Medical Technology Manufacturer. Our company is also a direct supplier of the entire electronics for the respiratory system. Zollner Elektronik AG was also involved in the development of the monitors so we were able to bring our entire spectrum of services in, from research & development all the way to after-sales service.

Zollner’s know-how, though, cannot only be utilized for the treatment of the ill but also in the stemming of the virus through quick identification of infected people. At the order of Qiagen, a biotech company, Zollner produces various systems to prepare samples for Covid-19 tests. The devices take over automated pipetting in the laboratory or cleanse the DNA of contaminants for clear indication of the presence of virus DNA.

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Among other things, Zollner Elektronik AG supplies Qiagen with the QIAcube Connect, which takes over automated sample preparation in laboratories

Erwin Stöckinger, head of the responsible Business Division at Zollner Elektronik AG says:  “We are all very clear about what is at stake here.  For this reason our employees are working very hard, and for that reason we are doing all we can to maintain the supply chain of urgently needed devices so hospitals receive new respiratory devices and labs can have additional devices with which they can increase the number of tests.”

About Zollner Elektronik AG
The family-owned company with its headquarters in Zandt (Germany) was founded in 1965. Zollner Elektronik AG is specialized in complex mechatronic systems. Its Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) offers encompass the complete product lifecycle in the Medical Technology sector: research & development, consultation, production, supply chain management and after-sales service. Among its customers, who come from nine different industries, are top global corporations as well as small and medium size companies. Through continuous organic growth, Zollner has established itself worldwide as one of the top 15 EMS service providers. It currently employs more than 11,500 employees at 20 international sites.