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The Reading Room – What’s the SCOOP?

We’re back after more than a month off, now in a regular Friday spot. This is what we’ve been reading, watching and listening to this week. You can see these more regularly if you follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


By Philip Spagnoli Stoten Founder of SCOOP

  • I wonder which is the most male-dominated, electronics manufacturing or drag racing? IPC have announced that Elaine Larsen, 2014 and 2015 IHRA Jet Dragster World Champion and driver of the Florida Institute of Technology Florida’s Space Coast Jet Dragster, will speak at the IPC APEX EXPO Women in Electronics reception on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 6:00-7:30 p.m. With her current focus on mentoring the next generation of high-performance vehicle specialists, Elaine has never let being a female in the male-dominated racing industry affect her.
  • There’s been a recent influx of new companies that offer a simplified user experience for buyers and access to unlimited, competitive manufacturing capacity. Referred to as Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) providers, these new companies are quickly gaining favor with engineers and buyers alike. One such company is MacroFab, whose CEO, Misha Govshteyn, has been the focus of several interviews in industry publication, including EMSNOW, EBN and IoT|Times.
  • The consequences, intended and unintended, of the trade war between the US and China continue to be revealed. As Trump suggests US companies move their manufacturing out Thomas Insights asks, “Is the “Made in China” Era Over?
  • In related news, Bloomberg says, “Apple Inc.’s reliance on China is looking increasingly like its biggest handicap.” Read “Apple’s $44 Billion Drop Shows Growing Cost of Reliance on China”, to find out more.
  • 79 Million Homes Globally Will Have a Robot in Residence by 2024. “Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition are the two additional smart home integrations needed to bring personal/social robots to life,” says Jonathan Collins of ABI Research. Check out this article in Industry Week.
  • Continuing the theme of automation, check out this blog entitled, “Instant Factories” By Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines.


  • VIDEO OF THE WEEK: A quick thank you to the awesome EMSNOW editorial team for running our that SCOOPshow from this year’s APEX season. We’ll be doing another run of that SCOOPShow at SMTAi in just a few short weeks, then even more at Productronica in Munich this November. If you think you’d make a good guest, hit me up on LinkedIn.
  • PODCAST OF THE WEEK: In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, McKinsey partners Paula Ramos and Tom Meakin speak with communications director Sean Brown about the case for gender diversity in top management.

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