Walt Custer’s Weekly Update for TTI MarketEye

By Walt Custer

2Q’19 Global Electronic Supply Chain Growth by Sector

  • Based on still incomplete data due to some unreleased 2Q’19 financial reports, we now estimate that second quarter global electronic equipment sales declined 0.9 percent versus the same quarter last year (chart 1).
  • Chart 2 provides our current estimate of second-quarter growth by sector of the electronic supply chain.  While this information is still based on a combination of actual company financials and Custer estimates, it highlights some second-quarter weaknesses, including semiconductors, SEMI capital equipment, PCB capital equipment, automotive, data storage, instruments, and controls and passive components. Many of these groups are “working through” the current business cycle downturn.

As noted last week, these growth estimates will be updated weekly as more companies report their 2Q’19 financials.

Source: Company financial reports with Custer Consulting Group analyses

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