Future Electronics Introduces Microchip CAN & LIN Products for Next-Generation Automotive Designs

Montreal, Canada – Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, has introduced a selection of CAN solutions by Microchip which are geared for applications in the automotive environment.

The first product feature is the MCP2518FD, a cost-effective and small-footprint External CAN FD Controller by Microchip that can easily be added to an existing microcontroller with an available SPI interface.

Future Electronics has also introduced the Microchip ATA663201 fully-integrated low-drop voltage regulator, featuring 3.3V output voltage and 85mA of current capability. The ATA663201 footprint is compatible to the ATA663231 which enables customers to produce modules with/without LIN transceiver.

The Microchip lineup also includes the ATA6570, a CAN Partial Networking (PN) transceiver that interfaces a CAN protocol controller and the physical two wire CAN bus designed for high speed CAN applications in the automotive environment.

To learn more about Microchip CAN solutions for the automotive industry, visit www.FutureElectronics.com/resources/featured-products/microchip-can-lin-products-for-automotive-applications.

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