U.S. White House Issues Supply Chain Resilience Review Report

The Biden-Harris Administration released its 100-day supply chain review of critical industries. As part of the review, the U.S. Department of Commerce conducted an analysis of risks pertaining to each segment of the semiconductor supply chain – from design and manufacturing to assembly, test, and packaging, as well as materials and semiconductor equipment – and provided recommendations to address those risks, both in the long- and short-term. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo will present the Department’s findings to the Biden-Harris Administration today at the White House.

In addition to the report, President Biden and Secretary Raimondo have been engaging regularly with leaders across the semiconductor supply chain and customer base on the shortage and long-term solutions to restore U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. These conversations have been critical to understanding the impact that the shortage is having on industry and enhancing the efforts of both the private sector and the Administration to help address these challenges.

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration also announced the establishment of a new Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force to provide a whole-of-government response to address near-term supply chain challenges to the economic recovery. The Task Force will be led by the Secretaries of Commerce, Transportation, and Agriculture. Additionally, the Department of Commerce will launch a new data hub to monitor near-term supply chain vulnerabilities, improving the federal government’s ability to track supply and demand disruptions and improve information sharing between agencies and the private sector.

Secretary Raimondo released the following statement following the release of the Biden-Harris Administration 100-Day Supply Chain Review:

“Semiconductors are the building blocks that underpin so much of our economy, and are essential to our national security, our economic competitiveness, and our daily lives. The United States is facing two related crises in supply chains for these critical goods – a short-term shortage and a long-term challenge to U.S. leadership across the semiconductor supply chain and customer base. Addressing both challenges has been a priority of the Biden-Harris Administration from day one.

“Today’s report takes the first critical step to address both issues, by first providing a comprehensive review of the risks and vulnerabilities in the semiconductor supply chain and laying out a plan to advance long-term U.S. leadership in production and innovation in the semiconductor industry. We have also been working closely with industry to mitigate the immediate shortage through investments, transparency, and collaboration.

“We know government alone cannot fix this problem. The private sector plays a central role in addressing this crisis, and the Department of Commerce will redouble its engagement with industry to facilitate information flow between semiconductor producers, suppliers and end-users.

“I am grateful for President Biden’s leadership in ensuring we strengthen our supply chains and encouraging investments to shore up our domestic production. I am also looking forward to leading the Biden-Harris Administration’s new Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force along with my colleagues at the Department of Transportation and Department of Agriculture, to utilize invaluable data and information tracking to more effectively identify and address near-term risks and vulnerabilities.”

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