MADE IN EUROPE 2021, episode 1 – Rainer Koppitz of the KATEK Group and Bruno Racault of ALL Circuits

In the first episode of this brand new monthly series, co-hosts Philip Stoten and Marco Annunziata are joined by CEOs Bruno Racault of ALL Circuits and Rainer Koppitz of KATEK Group to explore the potential for a European manufacturing renaissance. Trade wars, the pandemic, and now supply chain disruptions around semiconductor lead times have all led brands to reconsider their supply chain in terms of resilience, security and agility. Many are exploring re-shoring production from Asia, while others are looking to a China plus one strategy. Along with their hosts, Bruno and Rainer explore the opportunities, the changing role of outsourced manufacturing, the need for a better descriptor than EMS, talent shortages, automation, the role of government, ecosystem partnerships, new supply chain solutions and much more. This really is an hour packed with insight from a very knowledgeable panel.