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Scienscope Releases APEX Product Lineup for its X-ray Division

Chino, CA January 2018 Scienscope International, a leading American supplier of cabinet style micro-focus X-ray systems, announces plans to exhibit in Booth #2501 at the 2018 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 27 – March 1, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center in Ca. Company representatives will demonstrate the AXI-5100 inline component counter, AXC-800 X-ray component reel counter, X-Scope 2000 X-ray Inspection System, entry-level X-Scope 1800, and X-SPECTION 6000 X-ray Inspection System.

The AXI 5100c is the ultimate in flexibility.  It is a fully automated flexible, inline, fast and accurate component counting machine designed to increase productivity.  With automated barcode reading and reel size and height detection, the optional loaders and unloaders means you can simply drop off a batch of reels and go about your business being productive in other areas.  With this machine you can start out with a stand-alone batch, and grow into more automation in the future.

The table-top AXC-800 is an Automatic X-ray Inspection Component Counter designed for the inspection of components on traditional reels, from 01005 to odd form devices.  However, this machine goes beyond standard inspection of components in 7” 13” and 15” reels, with the ability to inspect components in JEDEC trays (including BGA ball counting), ESD storage bags, storage tubes, or just about any form by using simplified algorithms built into the system for all types of components.

The X-Scope 2000 X-ray Inspection System is a full featured high-performance X-ray inspection system with an unbeatable price to performance ratio. The system features a fully integrated 90 kV high power closed X-ray tube and 4″ x 3″ high resolution CMOS digital flat panel image detector. Additionally, the 60° camera tilt enables valuable automated oblique angle viewing. With its complement of standard, full feature automated software tools, this is the perfect value priced system for SMT inspection.

The X-SPECTION 6000 X-ray Inspection System is Scienscope’s most technologically advanced cabinet style X-ray inspection system. As with all X-SCOPE platforms, it includes every advanced software tool required for a variety of applications. With more tilt and a rotating work table, the system offers the ultimate in flexibility. Standard features of the X-SPECTION 6000 X-ray inspection system include :

  • Fully integrated, 130 kV micro-focus high power closed X-ray tube
  • 5″ x 5″ or 4″ x 3″ high resolution and ultra-resolution CMOS digital flat pane image detectors
  • 60° camera tilt for oblique angle viewing
  • 22″ x 18″ inspection stage with 350° rotation
  • Color mapping camera with zoom window provides easy location and identification of faults

For more information, please email Scienscope at info@scienscope.com, call 1-800-216-1800 or visit www.scienscope.com.


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