TRI’s AXI wins EM Asia Innovation Award: “Outstanding Product of the Year” for TR7600F3D

Test Research, Inc. (TRI), a test and inspection system provider for the SMT industry, proudly announces that the company’s new generation AXI, TR7600F3D, received an EM Asia Innovation Award for Outstanding Product of the Year at a ceremony held during the 2018 NEPCON China trade show in Shanghai, China. Test Research, Inc.’s operational excellence was recognized by EM Asia with the Best Supplier of the Year.

TRI is one of the preeminent suppliers of test and inspection systems for the electronics industry in the world. As the only Total Solution Vendor — with SPI, AOI, AXI, MDA, ICT and FCT systems — TRI focuses on integrated production quality management and providing valuable data for Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

The TR7600F3D is the next generation inspection platform for the most demanding PCB design. The TR7600F3D is a high-end 3D CT X-Ray Inspection system designed for the automotive, medical, aerospace and the safety critical industries. The inline CT AXI solution combines ultra-high resolution imaging with high-definition planar CT inspection, a new robust hardware platform and redesigned intuitive software to achieve exceptional image quality and reliable inspection results. TR7600F3D offers significant increase in the Yield rate and production savings while minimizing downtime when introducing new products.

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