Alpha Assembly Solutions Wins Prestigious Awards at NEPCON CHINA

Somerset, NJ – Alpha Assembly Solutions, a supplier of electronic soldering and bonding materials, was the recipient of four (4) awards at NEPCON CHINA, recognizing its high level of achievement in soldering products technology.  These prestigious awards were presented in Shanghai on April 24 & 25 by SMT China and EM Asia, two leading publications covering electronics assembly technologies in the Asia Pacific.  The awards presented to Alpha include:

SMT China Vision Awards:

  • ALPHA® OM-550 Low Temperature Solder Paste won the “Excellent Award” under SMT Assembly Materials category
  • ALPHA® SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire won the “Vision Award” under the SMT Assembly Materials category

EM Asia Innovation Awards:

  • ALPHA® OM-550 Low Temperature Solder Paste won best “Solder Paste” under the Materials category
  • ALPHA® SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire won best “Other Solder Materials” under the Materials category

“Alpha is committed to continuously develop high reliability materials and environmentally-friendly electronics assembly solutions, and ALPHA® OM-550 is good example of that,” said Phua Teo Leng, Global Portfolio Manager of SMT Assembly Solutions for Alpha. ALPHA® OM-550 has a lower processing temperature that enables the reduction of greenhouse emissions.  The lower temperature requirements also significantly reduce component warpage, which leads to improved throughput and yield. “ALPHA® SAC305 Ultrafine Cored Wire offers excellent wetting and high reliability for fine pitch component soldering. This product is designed to offer good spooling quality and consistent diameter size to ensure smooth wire feeding when used in robotic soldering,“ said Bernice Chung, Global Portfolio Manager of Wave Soldering Solutions for Alpha.  And its unique chemistry system with excellent cored flux continuity in the ultrafine wire ensures a well-formed, reliable solder joint.”

To learn more about Alpha Assembly Solutions’ vast product offering and capabilities, please visit Alpha website.