SMTA Announces Technical Program for International Conference for Electronics Hardware Enabling Technologies (ICEHET)

Minneapolis, MN – The SMTA is pleased to announce the finalized technical program for the International Conference for Electronics Hardware Enabling Technologies. The in-person conference will take place June 14 – 15, 2022 at the Centennial College Event Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Two half-day Professional Development Courses (PDCs) are scheduled for Tuesday, June 14. Dale Lee, Plexus Corp. instructs the first course on “Tolerance Mistaken: DFM Impacts of Not Properly Addressing Limitations of Material, Industry Standards and Assembly Process Limitations.” The afternoon course, instructed by Peter Jacobs, Ph.D., EMPA, covers “Electrostatic Discharge in Robotic Manufacturing Lines.”

The technical program continues on Wednesday, June 15 with a full day of presentations organized into sessions on the following topics: Cleaning and Reliability, Defect Elimination, Power Design, Assembly & Test, Solder & Materials.

Peter Jacobs, Ph.D., EMPA, will keynote the conference with his presentation titled “Early Life Failures in Automotive Electronics and their Root Causes.”

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