Reducing Scope 3 Emissions is Key to Industrial Decarbonization, Explains Jabil

Industrial decarbonization is the phasing out of GHG emissions from industry without jeopardizing the sector’s essential contributions to overall economic prosperity and competitiveness. The reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manufacturing and its associated supply chain network begins with gaining an understanding of the emissions generated within the operations and across the value chain.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a publication that sets international corporate standards for accounting for GHG emissions, breaks down a company’s total emissions into three scopes

Scope 3 emissions may account for 80% of a company’s overall climate impact according to research by McKinsey. This scope covers emissions from upstream and downstream activities, including leased assets, investments and franchises that would otherwise be excluded from the company’s organizational boundary but that the company partially or wholly owns or controls. Thus, individual companies looking to report their overall emissions should ensure that an evaluation of their value chain’s footprint is included.


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