Insights from Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022

The timely return to an in-person Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) Europe was welcomed by participants from around the globe on May 30th at the Brussels Sheraton. ISS Europe 2022 featured a new program and event format – with industry insights and strategic topics condensed into one day of programming on three critical challenges facing the microelectronics industry: the energy crisis and sustainability, supply chain disruptions, and the talent pipeline shortage.

The past two years have witnessed an imbalance of chip supply and demand that impacted the entire semiconductor industry and many adjacent industries, as well as consumers globally. While challenging, this disruption presented an opportunity for European companies and governments to reflect on regional strategies and positioning in the microelectronics sector. As a result, companies and the industry at large are re-evaluating supply chain management, assessing the need for healthy coopetition, evolving HR policies to cultivate the workforce of tomorrow, and collaborating on efforts to achieve the ambitious goals of the proposed European Chips Act.


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