Organizational Changes at cms electronics

cms electronics announces significant organizational changes to increase corporate efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.


Klagenfurt, Germany — cms electronics, a leading provider in the electronics industry, today announces a fundamental restructuring of its organizational structure, effective July 1, 2024. This strategic decision aims to transform the company into a more agile and effective organization that can better respond to the dynamic demands of the market and the needs of its customers.


“In light of rapidly changing market conditions, it is crucial that we adjust our structures so that we can not only react but also act proactively. The new organizational structure will enable us to work more efficiently and make optimal use of our resources,” explains Mr. Michael Velmeden, CEO of cms electronics.


The restructuring includes the redesign of the previous divisions ‘PRODUCT REALISATION & SUPPORT SERVICES’ and ‘PRODUCT CREATION’ under new leadership. This realignment is intended to shorten decision-making processes and promote an integrative approach to customer projects and product development. Mr. Michael Polligger, newly appointed COO, will take over the ‘Plant Management & Development’ division, which is focused on optimizing production processes and driving technological development. As CSO, Mr Sven Skjellet takes over the ‘Strategic Development & Corporate Services’ division, to which New Business Development is also subordinated.


A key element of the new structure is the ‘Core Customer Development’ department, led by Mr. Thomas Miklau. This department will be central to customer service and includes the areas of Program & Account Management, Customer Service & Procurement, and New Product Engineering. “Our goal is to further strengthen our customer relationships through even more precise and customer-specific support. The new alignment allows us to respond quickly and accurately to our customers’ needs, significantly increasing our service quality,” says Mr. Polligger.


With these changes, cms electronics aims to significantly increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company is confident that the new structure will not only improve internal processes but also sustainably strengthen its innovation and competitiveness.

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