Indium Corporation­ Earns Circuits Assembly New Product Introduction Award

Indium Corporation has earned the Circuits Assembly New Product Introduction (NPI) Award for its new flux-cored wire for robotic and laser soldering. The award was presented on Tuesday, April 6 during a virtual ceremony.

The NPI Awards recognize the leading new products for electronics assembly during the past 12 months. Honorees are selected by an independent panel of practicing engineers.

“As a materials supplier, our belief that materials science can change the world is present in every one of our products,” said Robert McKerrow, senior product specialist. “By earning this recognition for its rare combination of fast-wetting and ultra-low spattering, we’re eager for CW-232 to make its mark on the industry as a proven product.”

Indium Corporation’s CW-232 is a uniquely formulated flux-cored wire developed to meet the demanding requirements of robotic and laser soldering applications by delivering additional wetting power in order to achieve higher throughput.

CW-232 also works exceptionally well in hand soldering applications. Due to its “no-spatter” technology, CW-232 eliminates flux spattering that can burn operators’ hands, impair the vision system of the robotic soldering machines, or make finished products less aesthetically appealing.

Indium Corporation’s CW-232 offers:

  • Extremely low-spatter performance
  • Very fast wetting, even capable of soldering to heavily-tarnished surfaces
  • Light-colored residue
  • Compatibility with Pb-free and SnPb alloys
  • Compatibility with HASL, immersion silver, ENIG, and OSP surface finishes