ASC Sunstone Signs Licensing Agreement with Precision Circuit Technologies

West Chicago: Anaya Vardya, president of American Standard Circuits Sunstone, announces that his company has signed a licensing agreement with Precision Circuit Technologies (PCT), an operating unit of LCP Medical Technologies LLC. ASC Sunstone is now a licensed manufacturing partner for PCT’s high performance, high density, multi-layer Laminated Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) technology.

This technology will give ASC Sunstone the ability to provide customers PCBs with:

· Up to 30 layers of LCP with sequential laminations

· Sub 25-micron lines and spaces

· Additive processing with 1 micron control of circuit geometries for 1-2% impedance control

· Low loss performance beyond 120 GHz wireless and 112 gbps-224 gbps-448 gbps high speed digital

· Solid copper full metal stacked vias through all layers

· High speed flex, rigid-flex, rigid boards, RF MW modules and advanced semiconductor package substrates

This relationship establishes ASC Sunstone as a LCP production technology leader with a reliable manufacturing process that has been lacking in the industry. ASC and PCT will support customers jointly with dedicated applications and engineering support to provide sophisticated and complex high-performance circuits designed to meet next generation system speeds and circuit density requirements. The material set performance, design-rule based engineering and precision control of the circuit geometries provide unmatched capabilities compared to ABF, Polyimide, and other laminate construction. No other technology and material set can provide this level of density and performance across Flex, Rigid-Flex, Rigid Boards and Package Substrates and ASC will be the US standard.


This agreement enhances ASC’s position as a supplier of Ultra High-Density products in the RF/Microwave, Flex, Medical and Digital markets using advanced materials and creates a synergy with LCP Medical’s mutual customer relationships.


As a leading manufacturer of technology interconnect solutions, ASC Sunstone can now offer a new set of solutions to its customers based on the unique properties of LCP materials in the focused markets served today and opening new opportunities.


When making the announcement Mr. Vardya said, “As a longtime admirer of Jim Rathburn’s technology and contributions to our industry it is a true pleasure to finally be working with him. We feel being able to offer our customers such a high level of technology that LCP materials provide is another giant step in our effort to be the leading independent PCB fabricator on the market today. LCP technology combined with our Ultra HDI capabilities make ACS the go-to company for companies looking for tomorrow’s solutions today.”


Added James Rathburn, founder and president, LCP Medical Technologies LLC, “We feel that American Standard Circuits is the perfect partner for Precision Circuit Technologies PCB Liquid Crystal Polymer technology. They have all the experience, equipment and most importantly desire to not only produce but also take this technology of the future to market. We expect great things not only for our company and ASC Sunstone but for the industry as a whole to come out of this partnership going forward.”

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