Novagard Announces Breakthrough UV/Dual Cure Silicone Portfolio for Electronics Manufacturers

Cleveland, Ohio – Novagard, the market leader in UV/dual cure silicone technology, will unveil additions to its broad line of advanced coatings, pottants, and encapsulants for electronics designers and manufacturers at the virtual IPC APEX EXPO 2021 this week. It is the widest, most robust range of products on the market in this category to protect sensitive electronic devices and component assemblies and give them extended design life.

Silicone facilitates great versatility in the design, assembly process, and performance of modern electronics so that they can perform reliably under challenging conditions. Novagard’s UV cure and UV/dual cure products deliver tack-free handling in seconds, accelerating production throughput, and reducing dedicated manufacturing floor space. UV/dual cure formulations combine a UV primary cure and a secondary alkoxy moisture cure to eliminate the problem of unreacted coating in the shadow areas common to electronics assemblies. Full, deep cures and exceptional adhesion properties go hand in hand with this chemistry.

“With more than 20 UV and UV/dual cure silicone offerings now available, Novagard can support our electronics manufacturing customers from a portfolio that includes sprayables for thin section coating, flowables for encapsulation or dam and fill, self-leveling for potting, and pastes for enclosure bonding or staking,” said Jason Clark, Novagard Vice President, Electronics. “These UV cure and UV/dual cure silicones not only deliver world class protection of critical components, but also dramatically reduce processing time and lower total cost of ownership for manufacturers that may have relied on oven cures in the past.”

Silicones provide excellent insulation properties, vibration damping, and barrier protection against weather and other intrusions in electronics applications. Clark said that Novagard’s 40+ years of experience developing silicones, and its agile approach to product development, facilitate rapid production and delivery of a formulation matching the customer’s performance requirements. Novagard’s R&D department can even make polymer-level modifications to customize the silicone’s performance characteristics to suit unique applications.

Attendees of the virtual expo will have the opportunity to view Novagard’s newest products, and meet the people behind them. Available via live chat will Dr. Barry Goldslager, Novagard Vice President of Research and Development and the inventor of high-adhesion UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone chemistry.

Novagard’s unique UV/dual cure silicone products that can be viewed at IPC APEX EXPO include:

  • Sprayable formulations from 500 cPs to 1,500 cPs
  • Flowable formulations, from 1,500 cPs to 40,000 cPs
  • Semi-flowable and self-leveling formulations from 40,000 cPs to 100,000 cPs for potting and encapsulation
  • Thixotropic pastes ideal for instant, formed-in-place gasketing that dispenses like a liquid, yet holds shape like a paste.
  • Tunable, high-performance adhesion promotor packages, including for adhesion to low-energy substrates like PET.


Novagard, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the market leader in UV/dual cure alkoxy silicone technology for electronic devices and component assemblies. An early pioneer of this technology, Novagard leverages its R&D capabilities to offer the electronics market the broadest line of UV cure/UV dual cure silicones, adhesives, coatings, and thermal management materials, engineered and manufactured to exacting and challenging requirements for performance. If we don’t have the silicone matching your precise needs, we will modify it to suit.