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No Such Thing as Too Much Inspection, Says Koh Young’s Latest Case Study

Koh Young America, the world’s leader in optical inspection for electronic manufacturing, is pleased to release a new case study with Matric, a world-class Pennsylvania based EMS with more than four decades of experience. In this latest of a series of case studies the Matric team explore their journey from one offline inspection solution to three inspection machines per line, including pre- and post-reflow AOI.

As an advanced manufacturer with multiple approvals, working in multiple high reliability industries, Matric is fully aware of the need for exceptional quality control, and having Koh Young SPI as well as pre and post-reflow AOI delivers that and more. In the case study, Manufacturing Engineer Doug Bevier, VP of Operations, Patrick Stimpert, and Director of Quality Assurance Liisa Maenpaa explain why these systems are fundamental to their success.

A large building with a grassy lawn

Description automatically generated with low confidenceThe Koh Young inspection equipment has not just delivered quality assurance and confidence in the manufacturing processes, it has delivered real improvements in performance and efficiency. 

Patrick Stimpert joined Matric as VP of Operations to improve efficiency and make the business “quicker, faster, better – and all at the same time.” In the time Patrick has been the Vice President of Operations, Matric has become increasingly sophisticated and continues to invest in what is needed to deliver on their promises to the customers. When it comes to the Koh Young equipment what stands out for Patrick, like Doug is the yield improvement. In his own words “it immediately moved us to between 80 and 85 percent yield. Then we looked at our root causes and quickly pushed our yields to 98+ percent, both final yields and first pass yields.” 

The team goes on to explore the additional value and efficiency achieved by adding KSMART to their multiple inspection machines. Matric has multiple Koh Young KY8030-2 SPIs and pre-reflow and post-reflow Zenith Series AOIs connected with KSMART smart factory solution software.

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