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IPC and Apple to Develop New Standard for Green Cleaners to be Used in Electronics Manufacturing

IPC, Apple and other international companies are developing a new standard, IPC-1402, Standard for Green Cleaners Used in Electronics Manufacturing, intended to define the criteria for what constitutes a green cleaner for electronics manufacturing and will specifically apply to cleaners used in the manufacture of electronic assemblies, components, and materials, including direct use chemicals to clean components, casings, and materials or to clean manufacturing machines during operation and maintenance.

“We are excited to bring together industry experts to launch the development of this standard,” said Matt Kelly, IPC’s chief technologist. “This is an important step forward in building a sustainable electronics manufacturing ecosystem. IPC-1402 will help engineers make informed decisions and select cleaners that are both safer for manufacturing employees and the environment. The standard will document the rigorous set of criteria for preferred cleaners and incorporates industrial hygiene requirements. The application of IPC-1402 will allow important health and safety requirements to be added to engineering drawings needed for product assembly.”

The subcommittee developing IPC-1402, the Green Cleaners in Manufacturing Task Group, chaired by Apple staff and co-chaired by Zestron, Inc, staff includes representatives from more than 20 international companies and government authorities.

“People come first in everything we do, and we’re proud to lead the industry in the responsible use of cleaners,” said Kathleen Shaver, Apple’s director of environmental and supply chain innovation. “We are glad to be working with partners on this new standard, which will help accelerate the adoption of safer materials and improve cleaning practices across industries.”

IPC-1402 is expected to be available in February 2022.

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