Indium Corporation’s Dr. Richard McDonough Assumes Role as Material Research Scientist

Indium Corporation is pleased to announce that Dr. Richard McDonough has been named Material Research Scientist.

In his new role, Dr. McDonough is responsible for developing new thermal materials and products, and providing solutions for customer challenges and applications. He also develops new testing methods to evaluate power and thermal products, and gathers data on new and existing products for marketing presentations.

Dr. McDonough joined Indium Corporation in August 2018 as a Product Specialist, most recently supporting the Semiconductor product line as a Senior Product Specialist. He has aided in the development of new products and the improvement of existing processes during his time with the company. Most notably, he assisted with the development of PicoShot® and Indium12.8HF solder pastes for dispensing and jetting applications; helped to progress the development of sintering materials; and served as a dispensing expert for Indium Corporation.

Prior to joining Indium Corporation, Dr. McDonough worked as an Analytical Chemist for Bristol Myers Squibb and as a Nuclear Engineering Officer in the U.S. Navy. He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from West Virginia University; his master’s degree in physical chemistry from Syracuse University; and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry/biochemistry from Syracuse University.

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