Panasonic Honors TTI with Distributor of the Year Award

Fort Worth, Texas  – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, has been awarded Panasonic’s Distributor of the Year Award for 2018. The award was presented at the EDS Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tony Tomasso, Panasonic Director Sales and Marketing, remarked: “This is the first time TTI has won our highest award, and it was well deserved. TTI not only had outstanding sales growth in the past year, but their skill in managing inventory, anticipating demand, and supporting PIDSA’s new products resulted in truly exceptional support of our mutual customers”.

Jeff Ray, Vice President Product and Supplier Marketing, commented, “On behalf of the entire TTI team, we are extremely appreciative to have received Panasonic’s highest distributor award for our performance in 2018. This milestone is a tremendous achievement for our hard-working passives team who went above and beyond to offer excellent service and gave great attention to product performance with regard to the Panasonic product line.”