Automotive Sensor Systems Conference in Munich Feb 13-14 2019

Detailed environmental information is essential for autonomous vehicles. Only intelligent sensors allow safe manoeuvring. The international VDI Conference “Automotive Sensor Systems”, taking place in Munich on 13 and 14 February 2019 will focus on innovative sensor technologies for automated and autonomous driving.

Technologies such as automated or autonomous driving require ever more accurate, sensor-determined environmental information. Integrated cameras, radar, lidar or ultrasound systems collect extensive amounts of data. These are analysed and processed using artificial intelligence and deep learning, serving as the basis for informed decisions. Having these processes in mind, new, even more reliable sensor systems must be developed and the requirements for and functions of existing sensor systems must be standardized and optimized.

Driver assistance systems such as rain or parking sensors are no longer a novelty. In the field of automated driving, however, state-of-the-art sensors find completely new, essential areas of application; for example, for automatic avoidance manoeuvres in traffic. For a clear situation recognition different sensors must interact. While the Lidar sensor is responsible for the distance measurement a laser scanner scans the surroundings in real time and can detect, for example, pedestrians or cyclists. The radar detects obstacles such as curbs.

Software based algorithms then develop different strategies for suitable evasive manoeuvres and evaluate and execute them in real time – the system thus becomes the backbone of the autonomous vehicle.

The International VDI Conference – Automotive Sensor Systems informs about the future requirements of important sensor technologies. Industry experts present solutions for testing, simulating and validating ADAS sensor systems. The event will provide insights into the role of sensors in aspects of functional safety and cyber security. In addition, the conference provides an overview of the most important trends and legal issues in the ADAS sensor market.

Main topics of the conference include:

  • Challenges & Trends in ADAS Sensing Technologies (Radar, Lidar, Camera, Ultrasonic)
  • Innovations and future Requirements for Sensor Systems
  • Functional Safety and Automotive Security Challenges
  • The Role of AI in processing and interpreting Sensor Data
  • The regulatory Framework & Development of Standards
  • Excursus: Driver Monitoring

The event will be held in English.

Detailed information on the topic of artificial intelligence in vehicles is also presented at the International VDI Conference – Future of AI in Automotive, in Berlin on 11 and 12 December, 2018.

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