Indium Corporation to Feature Proven Products at iMAPS SiP Conference

Indium Corporation will feature products from its portfolio of system-in-package material solutions at the Advanced System in Package Technology Conference & Exhibition, organized by the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS), on Tuesday, June 21 in Sonoma, Calif., U.S.

From water-soluble to no-clean soldering solutions, flip-chip fluxes, and novel mixed alloy technologies, Indium Corporation’s portfolio of products meets current and evolving challenges encountered in fine-pitch SiP and heterogeneous integration and assembly (HIA) applications.

Indium Corporation’s proven SiPaste® series is specifically designed for fine-feature printing with fine powders ranging from Type 5 to Type 7. They help Avoid the Void®, reduce slumps, and demonstrate consistent superior printing performance. Water-soluble SiPaste® 3.2HF has been adopted by leading OSATs and has been used in more than 5 billion mobile FEM SiP modules. SiPaste® C201HF offers the same superior printing performance with the benefit of having a cleanable chemistry with semi-aqueous-based solutions.

SiPaste® 3.2HF formulation offers consistent, repeatable printing performance combined with a long stencil life and sufficient tack strength to handle the challenges of today’s miniaturization in SiP design. In addition to consistent printing and reflow requirements, this solder paste offers superb wetting to the various Pb-free metallizations and has exceptional low-voiding performance on fine-pitch components, including BGAs and CSPs.

  • Exceptional printing
  • Long stencil life
  • Good response-to-pause
  • Wide reflow profile window
  • Outstanding slump resistance
  • Excellent wetting capability
  • Superior fine-pitch soldering ability
  • Low-voiding
  • Halogen-free

SiPaste® C201HF exhibits many of these same benefits, with particular formulation consideration to provide exceptional paste release on sub-80-micron apertures, stable print performance leading to long stencil life, and high tackiness to prevent component shift. This combines with a cleanable chemistry with semi-aqueous-based solutions, allowing for ease of cleaning with minimal cost.

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