Fighting data noise in industrial production – Process Genius launches fully configurable digital twin


Process Genius’s new digital twin platform, Genius Core, provides industrial manufacturers and process-focused industries with a fully configurable digital twin of their facilities, giving complete, real-time visibility over maintenance needs, safety, and operational efficiency from anywhere in the world.


Joensuu, Finland (March 19th, 2024) – Finnish producer of 3D digital twins for industrial manufacturing Process Genius has just announced the launch of its new, fully configurable digital twin Genius Core for the European market. Genius Core tackles the critical issue of digital noise in industrial processes, where hundreds of systems and sensors combine, making it extremely difficult to keep track of deviations in processes, maintenance, safety alerts, and malfunctions. The platform centralizes all data from equipment in a 3D visualization on both overview and facility levels, and all critical information can be accessed in real-time. Operators can also set up their digital twin without external help from external consultants.


Data noise is one of the critical obstacles to industrial efficiency. A single facility produces thousands of data points to multiple systems from equipment every minute, which is often only accessible in one of the systems in use or Excel spreadsheets. As such, facility managers and process engineers waste significant amounts of time looking for the data they need or, in the worst case, overlook critical failures or maintenance needs because they are not made aware of critical information. When operating multiple facilities, this problem increases substantially. Genius Core removes these hurdles that cause decision-making delays.


“The modern industry operator doesn’t lack data. Industry 4.0 has seen a vast array of sensors and software that has made available any data imaginable from each piece of equipment in the facility. Their issue now is how to put this data to good use. With hundreds of systems and thousands of data points, the challenge is understanding the data and making the right decisions. With Genius Core, they can finally stop doing unnecessary and time-consuming detective work and focus on making those decisions,” says Jani Akkila, CEO of Process Genius.


Industrial production largely depends on consistent facility uptime, and unnecessary interruptions carry significant costs. Maintenance and troubleshooting tasks are still dependent on industrial operators, and their ability to tackle issues early depends on them being aware of the right data points at the right time. For process-focused industries like energy production, downtime can also affect the general population’s access to critical utilities.


“We have found ourselves at the center of helping companies do everything from fixing unnecessary energy usage to fighting fires. My best example is a facility receiving a call from their headquarters that there appears to be a starting bearing-related fire in their equipment. They had not noticed it, but a supervisor had seen the error in their digital twin from a different city and alerted operators at the facility before the fire became a large problem. This could have become a serious issue with downtime and extensive maintenance if not for having access to a single point of information for every facility,” Akkila continues.


Configurablity is the center of Genius Core’s latest feature set. Industrial professionals can set up their facility using their own data and 3D models and connect data streams directly to a single interface.


“We’ve seen a clear demand for Process Genius’ digital twin in our markets. Decision-making delays are a key hurdle for industrial efficiency, and a large part of these delays stem from a lack of situational awareness. We started working with Process Genius because they understand this problem to its core, and have addressed it in a way that’s easy for industrial producers to implement and use,” says Edwin Huisman, CEO of Rotary Industry Group.


Process Genius’s customers operate across Europe, including Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Germany. The company’s vision is to take the data and insights provided by today’s cutting-edge industrial technology and put humans back in control.


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