Incap Corporation: Incap India awarded in Annual HSE Excellence and Sustainability Awards

Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd has been honoured with two Gold awards in the 8th Annual HSE Excellence and Sustainability Awards, organised by the Occupational Health Safety Sustainability Association of India (OHSSAI). Incap India was recognized in two categories: the OHSSAI Environment Award and the OHSSAI Road Safety Award.

As a prestigious non-profit organisation that caters to pan India industries, societies and educational institutions, OHHSAI promotes sustainability of the environment and other allied initiatives like health and safety. The organisation hosts the Annual HSE Excellence and Sustainability Awards, focused on innovative ideas for HSE&S implementation that are more effective than the conventional way of implementation.

To receive the recognition, Incap India passed three stages of evaluation, which included a physical audit of the factory premises by an eminent environmentalist, data verification, and a presentation for the panel of juries. Incap India cleared all three stages and was awarded 4 out of 5 stars, which equates to a Gold Award, in both categories.

“I am truly thankful and proud of our team at our Tumkur factories for the common contribution that brought us this recognition in two categories. It is extremely important for us that, in addition to technological innovation, we are able to meet the highest quality standards when providing our services,” stated Murthy Munipalli, the Managing Director at Incap India. “This is the first time Incap has received this award and considering its importance in our sector, I believe we have reached the next level in our service delivery standards.”

The projects nominated for the award included environmental initiatives at Incap India factories, such as an improved performance of different indicators, zero discharge sewage treatment plant, and best environmental practices at Incap India (tree transplantations, a project of installing scrubber for wave soldering stacks, resource conservation process, water conservation principles, energy conservation principles etc.) The second awarded project, the Road Safety Awareness Drive at Incap India, was organised recently in connection with celebrating India’s National Road Safety Week 2023. The purpose of the drive was to create road safety awareness among the general public, especially around the factory premises and local area.

Incap India was recognised for its best practices among the participating industries, while numerous other industries from across India also participated in the competition. The recognition highlights Incap India’s commitment to sustainable practices in the manufacturing industry, and its focus on implementing best practices in health, safety, and the environment.

Incap India factories are located in Tumkur, near Bangalore. In India, Incap specialises in manufacturing electronics and box-build products, having long experience, particularly in power electronics. The factory produces inverters and UPS, PCBs for fuel and cash dispensers, power supply units, rescue devices, solar inverters, drives, and medical devices, as well as devices for other electronic industrial products. The machinery is suitable for common component technologies, and together with the great location and skilled personnel, Incap can provide high-quality manufacturing services to meet the most demanding customer needs.

The two factories have 18,000 square metres of total floor space. The modern facilities enable fast and flexible manufacturing of different types of products. To meet the growing demand, Incap has been increasing its production capacity in India and investing in a third factory, which is currently under construction. The third factory will add another 8,500 square metres to production capacity.

The customers of Incap India are globally operating electronic device manufacturers who may be established in Europe but have production facilities in Asia. The factories have deliveries all over the world.

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