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Sonoma County circuit board maker Masterwork Electronics names Mathur CEO

Rohnert Park-based circuit board maker Masterwork Electronics has appointed Bhawnesh Mathur as its new CEO.

The announcement July 23 stated Mathur has successfully worked in various roles throughout the electronics industry, ranging from assignments in plant management and global supply chain logistics to driving cross-border efforts and efficiencies in global and regional teams. Prior to joining Masterwork, Mathur was CEO of Creation Technologies for four years and CEO of Epic Technologies for five years.

Previously, Mathur spent two formative decades at IBM.

Originally from India, he graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering before going on to receive his MBA from the University of Arizona.

“I’m excited to join the team and help propel Masterwork Electronics into its next stage of growth as we continue to focus on superior service, innovative solutions and a high-performance culture for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and employees,” stated Mathur in the Sonoma County company’s announcement.