in4ma Publishes Latest European EMS Industry Report


Dieter G Weiss

Dieter G. Weiss

ScreenshotMunich –  in4ma and EMS SCOUT have just released their latest report about the European EMS industry, “EMS Annual Statistics 2022 Europe.” This detailed and painstakingly fact-checked 150-page research report provides previously unreported data and analysis for a comprehensive overview of the European EMS industry. The numerous charts and graphs provide aggregated revenue numbers (no individual company revenue numbers are cited); the analysis includes averages and spread, revealing trends and patterns within the industry to identify success factors and indicators forecasting where the industry is going to be in 2022 and 2023.

“We do not just throw numbers at you which are non-official numbers and estimations but explain in detail how we get to our conclusions,” added Dieter Weiss, in4ma Founder and author of the research. “For many countries we show data back to 2013, tell you the number of players and how this market is consolidating, and much more.”

Bartosz Kajut, President and CEO of Vector blue Hub in Gdansk/Poland commented, “First of all I have to say, I’m really impressed by the work you are doing for the EMS industry. I have been growing businesses in many different industries and I have never seen such a dedicated and passionate analysis of the market.”

This 150-page report is available for 990,-Euro.

More information, including which companies form the basis of the numbers, is available at in4ma have developed this digital buyers guide of all European EMS companies for the OEM industry on the basis of our databanks and research and everybody can access the EMS-SCOUT free of charge. No other company can give you such comprehensive data. Italy and Spain are the last two countries which are being uploaded onto the EMS SCOUT and will be available by end of the year.

To purchase the European EMS Industry 2022 Report, please contact the publisher by completing this form.


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