Ford México celebrates first car to be made only by women

SOURCE: Mexico News Daily


Mexico’s automobile industry has a new achievement to celebrate after Ford México revealed its first car made exclusively by women.

The Mustang Match-E, a battery electric compact crossover SUV, has been built exclusively by women since 2020 at a Ford plant in México state.

During a visit to the plant in Cuautitlán, accompanied by Ford México CEO Luz Elena Castillo, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said the factory was Ford’s most productive worldwide before boasting the all-female feat. “Another very interesting thing is the manufacture of this vehicle. It’s the first one manufactured exclusively by women. For the first time in the world all the manufacture of the vehicle is done by women,” he said.

Ebrard added that there are also women working at managerial levels at the factory and praised the company for its forward thinking ethos. “The gender perspective of Ford is very good. We are very happy that Mexico is exporting and producing these vehicles that are not the future, they are already the present,” he said.

Photos on the foreign minister’s social media show one of the Mustang Match-E vehicles, decorated with an image of a woman wearing a bright flower in her free flowing purple hair. The car’s design also bears the logo of Warriors in Pink, the company’s initiative to fight breast cancer.

Ebrard also looked ahead to September 12 for the High-Level Economic Dialogue (HLED) talks with a U.S. delegation. He said the government would unveil its strategy to convert half of the cars produced in the country to electric. “By September 12 we will know what the route is, what the next steps are and who has to do what. [That goes for] all the companies in the automotive sector, the entire energy sector of Mexico including the Federal Electricity Commission, and … the government,” he said.

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