Focus on system design as ESD Alliance-SEMI sign MoU

By Pradeep Chakraborty

Earlier this week, the ESD Alliance recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to join SEMI as a strategic association partner.

BobAs a SEMI strategic association partner, the ESD Alliance will continue to act as the central voice of the semiconductor design industry to promote its value as a vital component of the global electronics manufacturing supply chain.

Bob Smith, executive director of the ESD Alliance said: “SEMI and the ESD Alliance (formerly EDAC) have had a good relationship for many years, but there was certainly no pre-existing timetable to bring SEMI and the ESD Alliance together.

“The increasing focus on system design, and the need for manufacturing and design to be more closely linked have certainly been drivers for collaboration.

“Several years ago, SEMI expanded their mission to span the entire electronics product manufacturing chain including design. Since the ESD Alliance represents design, it is a natural fit for the ESD Alliance to fill-in this part of SEMI’s mission.

“From the ESD Alliance standpoint, we benefit by being able to leverage SEMI’s global platform to build our community. Although, we have members outside of North America, we don’t have any local presence outside of the US. SEMI has offices across the globe that will allow us to bring our programs to other areas of the world.

“Next, it is a good fit in the increasing the collaboration that’s required between design and manufacturing. In fact, many of SEMI’s member companies had asked them for deeper access to the design community.”

Now that product design has been added the to electronics manufacturing supply chain,  it will bring manufacturing and design closer together by being common members of SEMI, he added.

What are the ways that SEMI gives the ESD Alliance an opportunity to further expand its reach and grow to its full potential?

Smith added: “SEMI will help expand ESD Alliance’s global presence by offering programs and events in conjunction with SEMI’s worldwide platform. Expand programs/activities in education, collaboration and networking to our members and SEMI members that are interested in design.

“We can also grow the membership further by offering more programs and being active in other geographies beyond North America.”

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