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Ross Hirschi has joined Trillium as the Director of Global Engineering.

TOKYO – Trillium Secure, Inc., the global leader in delivering cyber security as a service (C-SaaS) to the fleet market, announced today that Ross Hirschi has joined Trillium as the Director of Global Engineering.

“Ross’ strong background and hands-on experience in automotive software design is the perfect match for Trillium as we continue to develop, optimize and deploy our cutting edge technology in connected and autonomous vehicles,” said David Uze, CEO.

Ross brings over 25 years of engineering leadership experience in the electronics industry to Trillium, with extensive and in-depth knowledge of automotive applications, semiconductor design, hardware and software integration, and embedded software development.

Over the course of an engineering leadership career with Lockheed-Martin, Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor, Ross lead globally distributed development teams creating hardware and software solutions for automotive and transportation, telecommunications, aerospace and consumer electronics applications.

“Trillium is uniquely positioned to enable fleet customers to ward off hacker attacks with its multi-layered solution for securing and hardening connected vehicles against cyber threats. Trillium has the talent and the technology to enable a secured end to end transportation platform – critical to safeguarding the future of mobility,” said Ross. “I’m excited to join the Trillium team and help put its world-class automotive cybersecurity solutions in the hands of our customers and partners.”

About Trillium Secure, Inc.
Trillium Secure provides a multi-layered solution for hardening connected and autonomous vehicles against cyber-attacks. Trillium’s SecureIOT platform provides authenticated operational and threat management data from fleet vehicles that preserves privacy, confidentiality and anonymity of data at rest and in motion. Value-added service providers rely on secure and authentic data from Trillium for digital forensics, UBI, preventive maintenance, telematics, car sharing and other services. The company operates design centers and fleet security operation sites in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Brno, Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo. For further information, please visitwww.trilliumcyber.com.

Trillium Secure, Inc. products and services are marketed under the Trillium, SecureIoT, SecureCAR, SecureIXS, SecureOTA and SecureSKYE trademarks.