ESG Success by the Numbers: Jabil Releases 2021 Sustainability Report

Climate Action Plan progress, DEI leadership are highlights of global manufacturing solutions provider’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility

Jabil Inc. (NYSE: JBL), a global manufacturing solutions provider, today released its 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report, which details the company’s ambitious work in integrating environmental health, social equity, governance and economic growth to create thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient business operations for its employees and the communities in which they live and work.

Jabil 2021 Sustainability Report (Graphic: Business Wire)The report is structured to provide a data-driven determination of Jabil’s material environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics. It also emphasizes Jabil’s refreshed sustainability strategy, including bold sustainability goals, following insightful work with some of the company’s key stakeholders—including customers, suppliers, employees and leadership.

Report highlights include the advancement of Jabil’s Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Jabil cut its emissions in fiscal year 2021 by roughly 19% compared to fiscal year 2020, after identifying an increase that year due to business expansion and COVID-related challenges. Additionally in FY21, Jabil avoided 1.2 million metric tons of emissions through its use of renewable energy.

“Time and time again, our employees have shown tremendous effort, as they reacted to sudden fluctuations in micro and macro dynamic shifts well beyond their control. I’m thankful for their resiliency and proud of their resolve. Despite what we’ve encountered, we remain true to our purpose – A purpose grounded in making the world a bit better, as we treat each other with respect; drive diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across the company; and respect the environment,” Jabil CEO and Chairman of the Board Mark Mondello notes in his introduction to the 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report.

Jabil is investing in eco-friendly product innovation and implementing projects to help mitigate climate change, conserve natural resources and protect the natural environment. Beyond its own operations, Jabil is dedicated to being a sustainability partner for customers. For example, over the last few years, Jabil supported content delivery network (CDN) services provider Akamai Technologies to improve efficiency, reduce cost and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 800 metric tons CO2e.

“In our view, the successful companies of the future will be those that integrate sustainability into their daily business practices. That’s why we value our partnership with Jabil; their ongoing commitment to reducing their environmental impacts, dedication to social responsibility, and devotion to providing excellent customer service directly support the achievement of our ESG ambitions as a business,” said Mike Mattera, Director of Corporate Sustainability, Akamai Technologies Inc.

As reflected in its Corporate Sustainability Report, while Jabil continues its focus on employee health and safety, it has escalated its attention to include the entire physical and mental well-being of employees. An extension of this holistic focus on well-being is in Jabil’s elevation of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Jabil added Equity as a focus area in 2021 to provide a workplace where everyone has opportunities for growth and development, and it has dedicated resources at every level to evolve its DEI efforts. In addition, Jabil is expanding its capabilities to serve the communities in which those employees live and operate through volunteerism and giving, and in 2022 will be offering employees a new, extra Paid Time Off (PTO) day for use in volunteer events.

“Social and Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability have become necessities of doing business and staying competitive in a global market,” concludes Michael Cooke, Jabil’s VP of Social and Environmental Responsibility. “On a planet that is increasingly experiencing the consequences of human impact, social injustice, inequity and more, we must demonstrate that we are committed to doing our part to ensure a fairer and more just world and leave a healthier planet for future generations to enjoy. Sustainability disclosures are an expectation for our customers, investors and other stakeholders and are understandably emerging as a legal requirement.”

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