EMS Market Analysis 2017

By Dieter G Weiss, Weiss Engineering

The new in4ma EMS market analysis Europe 2017 has many surprises. Whereas the production volume of the EMS manufacturers was at nearly 33.9 Billion euros in 2015 of which Western Europe had a share of more than 50%, in 2016 the production volume increased to 34.6 Billion euros (+2,1%) and Eastern Europe overtook the West.

There are many significant differences between Eastern Europe and Western Europe besides labor costs. Eastern Europe is dominated by three global EMS suppliers, Foxconn, Flex and Jabil. These big three hold more than 35% of European production, the majority of their factories being in Eastern Europe.

Many small and medium-sized EMS suppliers are located in Western Europe. In Eastern Europe it is much less and compared to the big three the majority of EMS companies in the East are insignificant.

Productivity, measured as revenues per head shows interesting differences also. The essential question though is, why does the in4ma EMS market analysis show a growth rate for Europe only 2,1% in 2016, whereas one reads one record message after the other about the EMS producers in the press? Companies with good news want to get this into the public; companies with negative growth do not necessarily want to read this in the news. The EMS market analysis has a detailed answer to this by showing the growth rates for eight different revenue groups.

Detailed analysis was performed for 37 countries, 17 countries have a ranking of the TOP 5, UK, France and Italy have a list of the TOP 10 and Germany a list of the TOP 25. Trackers for these rankings are mentioned as well. More than 245 EMS companies are mentioned, either in the rankings or due to special events.

For more information, contact Weiss Engineering, Dieter G. Weiss, at in4ma@gmx.de