Eric Miscoll Show Goes Online: Register Today for First Episode April 1

#EMSNOW has decided to take The EMS – Eric Miscoll Show online. I will be chairing these virtual EMS events from my home in Texas, while co-host Philip Stoten will be getting up early in Melbourne, Australia.

Each month we will invite guests to cover the topics that are important to our industry, and unsurprisingly the first episode will be covering the disruption related to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).
My first two guests are Dieter G. Weiss of #in4ma, Europe’s leading EMS expert, and Ron Keith of Supply Chain Resources Group, a global supply chain consultant with hard-earned experience and expertise.

This first session will be held on April 1, 2020 @ 10am in Texas, 5pm in Germany, 2am in Australia.

Please register through the link below.

x Brown