in4ma Posts Top 50 EMS Companies in Germany


In4ma has been analysing the European EMS market for many years and has a database of approx. 2200 legally independent companies belonging to 1865 companies. For every company you can find the sales and the number of employees in this database, retrospectively to 2013. No other market researcher has such detailed data. But where does this data come from? Read more about this at The systematic analysis of EMS companies and their classification is explained in detail there.

Here is the ranking of the TOP 50 EMS companies in Germany based on sales in 2020:


Some of the companies on the list may surprise you, such as Mektec, the manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards. You have to know that today 95% of all Mektec printed circuit boards are assembled directly, i.e. PCBAs are produced. Heitec may surprise some as well, offering complete customer-specific solutions. Elektronikgruppe München is the parent company of the companies Eker Systemtechnik, Elprog, ePS electronic Products & Systems, Frank Elektronik and Pressfinish. In 2020, Müller Elektronik in Salzkotten took over WTK Elektronik and merged the two companies. In addition, not the total sales of the companies were taken into account, but only the (partially estimated) EMS share and only the share produced / invoiced in Germany. The 50 largest EMS in Germany represent 65% of the total turnover of 6.93 billion euros in Germany.

The ranking for 2021 will be interesting. After all, Katek took over Leesys at the beginning of the year and Turck Duotec took over ml & s. This means that everyone moves up one rank behind 8th place and two ranks behind 12th place. However, this year Rawe Electronic GmbH bought Mair Elektronik retrospectively as of January 1st, 2021 and could jump to 13th place. With the purchase of Helmut Beyers GmbH, Hanza has also increased its sales significantly and could move up by up to 20 places. There could also be a few surprises, because in 2021 the companies developed very heterogeneously.

Stay tuned if you want to know, who the European EMS TOP 50 2020 were.

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