ERA and ECIA Executives Host Overview of EDS

Atlanta — EDS attendees have a chance to learn from their peers on Wed. May 8 at 10 a.m. in the Grand Ballroom when the leaders of ERA and ECIA host a high level overview of the conference and the two associations that sponsor it.


Walter Tobin, who heads ERA and Bill Bradford, ECIA’s president and CEO will host an hour with guests that include Bob Dion, who will explain the new tools available to make EDS more effective, e.g. the revised website, the app, Connections Café, SPARK and so forth.

Bill and Walter will moderate a panel including Greg Pace, President & CEO of Ohmite; Jim Banovich, CEO of Marsh Electronics, and Tom Griffin, President of Catalyst Sales.
The panel will share war stories of past EDS shows, and field questions about their own experiences, including lessons learned about where they hold their meetings, how far in advance meetings are scheduled, what makes a successful EDS, and how it compares to other shows. The session promises to be lively and highly interactive with ample time for the audience to ask questions of our hosts, presenters, and panelists.
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