EMSNOW Q3 Industry News Roundup

Each quarter, EMSNOW contacts our supporters for their latest news and new product developments. Here are some exciting announcements from Koh Young, SEHO, White Horse Laboratories and Indium. Check back to this space in the next few weeks as companies reveal their latest technology, organizational shifts, acquisitions, business partnerships, exhibition plans, and more. Electronics manufacturing strategies are changing more rapidly than ever, and we have the inside scoop. Grab your popcorn and take a seat!

Efficient Component Placement Control with SEHO AssemblyCheck

SEHO Systems GmbH, a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, ensures higher productivity in electronics production with flexible and innovative concepts. With SEHO AssemblyCheck, a component placement control system optimized specifically for THT assemblies, defects are avoided before they disrupt the process flow and cause costs.

THT components are often assembled manually or semi-automatically, so the risk of errors is correspondingly high. SEHO AssemblyCheck is integrated directly into the assembly workstation and provides immediate feedback whether the components are assembled correctly. Only then can the circuit board be released for further processing in a wave or selective soldering system. This eliminates possible errors, which leads to a significant increase in quality and yield.

SEHO AssemblyCheck generally checks for the presence of the correct components, polarity, component colours are recognized and compared. Further inspection tasks include text verification (OCV), orientation and code reading. Circuit boards with a bad mark marking are automatically recognized and not checked.

Short cycle times and an assembly size of up to 610 x 510 mm [24” x 20”] guarantee high system efficiency.

To reduce investment costs when there are several workstations, the SEHO AssemblyCheck can also be used inline. The combination with the THT-AOI system SEHO PowerVision offers maximum ROI: both systems are integrated in just one module that is installed in front of the soldering system.

At the assembly transport level, AssemblyCheck checks for correct component placement. Incorrectly assembled circuit boards can be automatically removed from the line, while defect-free assemblies are released for the further process. After the soldering process, SEHO PowerVision carries out the solder joint inspection at the return conveyor level of the module.

Indium Corporation to Exhibit Leading EV Products at The Battery Show

Indium Corporation® is proud to showcase its proven products and expertise for the rapidly evolving electric vehicle manufacturing and e-Mobility market at The Battery Show, September 12-14, in Novi, Michigan.

With its significant automotive industry expertise and an award-winning portfolio of proven products, Indium Corporation will feature its Rel-ion™ suite of electrical, mechanical, and thermal solutions to reduce electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers’ time to market.

More than four million EVs are on the road with Indium Corporation’s reliable, scalable, and proven Rel-ion products. Rel-ion material solutions deliver reliability by:

  • Eliminating non-wet opens and head-in-pillow defects
  • Preventing dendritic growth by meeting stricter surface insulation resistance requirements
  • Preventing solder delamination with precise bondline control and increased creep and fatigue resistance
  • Reducing hot spots-induced voiding through improved thermal efficiency


Some of the featured Rel-ion products include:

Indalloy®301 LT Alloy for Preforms/InFORMS®, a novel Pb-free alloy that enables lower processing temperatures in preform soldering compared to SAC alloys. Specifically designed for power module applications, this alloy prevents warpage in package-cooler attach scenarios without sacrificing reliability like traditional bismuth-containing low-temperature alloys. It is available in preforms, ribbon, or InFORMS®.

Indium Brian OLeary

Indium’s Brian O’Leary

Award-winning Durafuse® LT, a novel solder paste mixed alloy system with highly versatile characteristics that enable it for energy savings, high-reliability, low-temperature, step soldering, and assemblies with large temperature gradients. It also provides superior drop shock performance as compared to conventional low-temperature solders, outclassing BiSn or BiSnAg alloys, and performing better than SAC305 with optimum process setup.

The Indium8.9HF Solder Paste Series, an industry-proven solder paste series that delivers no-clean, halogen-free solutions designed to achieve high surface insulation resistance (SIR) and improve stability during the printing process for high-reliability automotive electronics.

InFORMS®, reinforced solder alloy fabrications, improve mechanical and thermal reliability, and are specifically designed to produce consistent bondline thickness for power module applications. They also address specific challenges for the power electronics industry by providing an enhanced material for the development of more reliable and higher performance modules.

Heat-Spring® solutions, ideal for TIM2 applications, are a compressible interface between a heat source and a heat-sink. These indium-containing TIMs offer superior thermal conductivity over non-metals—with pure indium metal delivering 86W/mK.

To learn more about why over four million electric vehicles are on the road with Indium Corporation’s innovative materials, visit booth #3205 or indium.com/emobility.

Joel Scutchfield from Koh Young will Discuss the Journey to Realize AI for the Electronics Industry at the SMTA Ontario Conference on 16 October

Koh Young Technology, the leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, will discuss the increasingly significant role of data collection and analysis to enable Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) functionality to improve productivity in our industry.


Joel Scutchfield

On 16 October during the one-day SMTA Ontario Technical Conference, Joel Scutchfield, General Manager of SMT Business Operations and Director of Sales at Koh Young America will discuss how electronics manufacturers can boost efficiency, improve flexibility, and even achieve self-optimizing processes. AI is a multidisciplinary field of science with the goal to make machines “Smarter.” Historical applications of this goal included natural language processing and translation, visual perception, pattern recognition, and decision making. The number and complexity of applications have been quickly growing across a variety of industries.

Out of all the advancements researchers have made, the current driver of the AI inflection point is thanks to major advances in ‘big data analysis by deep learning.’ By using the right combination of AI technologies, manufacturers can boost their efficiency, improve flexibility, speed up processes, and even achieve self-optimizing processes at production sites. Equipment providers like Koh Young are enabling Smart Factories by adopting AI to generate “knowledge” from “data.”

“Today’s larger and more complex inspection data sets make efficient data handling, storage, and analysis critical to success,” says Joel. “The data allows users to identify trends, analyze defects, and improve processes using inspection machines that collect the right data in the right amount and in the right way. This allows AI-powered software tools to turn measurement-based data into actionable insights.”

Join Koh Young at the SMTA Ontario Tech Forum, hosted in the Mississauga Convention Centre on October 16, 2023, to understand how small amounts of data create big challenges in the journey to realize AI. You can register to attend the in-person conference and exposition here .

If attending the event isn’t possible, you can explore our solder paste inspection and award-winning True3D inspection solutions at www.kohyoungamerica.com or through these FREE downloads from Koh Young.


White Horse Laboratories Boosts U.S. Operations with Julio Nava Leading Business Development 

 White Horse Laboratories, a specialist in electronics testing and quality control, is excited to announce the appointment of Julio Nava as Business Development Manager at their Jack Kilby Testing Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. With a substantial background in franchise distribution, Julio is primed to deepen access to the lab’s comprehensive services, focusing on counterfeit detection, analytical testing, and manufacturing support by developing new opportunities and fortifying customer relationships. 

Navigating Through Complex Counterfeit Challenges  

Julio Nava

“In the electronics industry, managing complex supply chains is crucial, encompassing the assurance of component functionality and authenticity as well as facilitating smooth operations. Our strategy involves an integrated offering of analytical and support services,” explains Julio Nava. 

Within this strategy, White Horse Laboratories incorporates meticulous component analysis and counterfeit detection, seamlessly intertwining with comprehensive support through packaging, logistics, and excess management. This unified approach not only safeguards product quality and streamlines delivery but also efficiently manages inventory throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. 

“Ensuring that our offerings meet the dynamic demands of the electronics sector is my core objective,” asserts Julio Nava. 

Proactive Measures for a Stable Electronics Industry 

After the unique challenges posed by a two-year component shortage, the electronics market now treads towards stability. White Horse Laboratories’ ISO 17025 accredited Jack Kilby Testing Centre in Cleveland stands out, not just as a testament to adept testing capabilities, but as a comprehensive service hub for the Americas during this pivotal recovery phase. 

Mark Rinehart, Founder and CEO of White Horse Laboratories, states, “The launch of our Cleveland Testing Centre significantly enhances our commitment to the electronics sector in the Americas. It goes beyond simply testing, representing our wide-ranging service offering and serving as a steadfast pillar of quality assurance during this dynamic period of supply chain rebuilding and evolution.” 

Clients and partners are invited to connect with Julio Nava to discuss collaborations and explore the full spectrum of services offered at the Cleveland lab. For further details on services and cooperative opportunities, also visit White Horse Labs Cleveland. 



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