EMSNOW European EMS Tour 2022 Has Begun!

Eric Miscoll and Dieter Weiss are together again for the 2022 tour of EMS companies across Europe. This year the two start in Sweden and will be posting podcast reports from each visit where they discuss the industry, the data, the trends, and whatever else is on their minds.

The first audio dispatch is from a town 80 km north of Stockholm where they prepare to visit Enics/GPV:


After a successful and fun 2021 inaugural tour of Europe, EMSNOW and in4ma decided to join forces once again in 2022.

unnamedThe focus this year will initially be in Sweden and Denmark, followed by visits to EMS in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Eric and Dieter will then end the tour by attending the electronica trade fair in Munich from November 15 to 18.

The purpose of the tour is to gain insight into the EMS business in these various regions which Eric and Dieter will be reporting on via regular podcasts during their trip, some post trip interviews, and written articles.  Subsequent to the trip, profiles of all EMS companies visited will be made available via the EMSNOW website.

“There is no better way to get a pulse of the activity and trends in the EMS industry than through direct observation and discussions with companies at their facilities,” commented EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll.

IMG“This tour has been carefully planned to include EMS of various sizes and styles, and we will see some of the most modern EMS factories in Europe. We look forward to our discussions with the management teams of the many EMS we will visit and will constantly report on our findings.  Stay tuned!” added Dieter Weiss of in4ma.

If you wish to connect with Eric Miscoll or Dieter Weiss at electronica, they will be available in Hall A1 Booth #555. Please email them directly at:  emiscoll@emsnow.com or weiss@in4ma.de

EMSNOW wishes to acknowledge the support of our tour sponsors:

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