Learn How Inspection Will Help the Smart Factory of Tomorrow in New eBook by Koh Young

Salem, OR–Increasing board complexity is driving the need for accurate and speedy inspection systems.

In The Printed Circuit Assembler’s Guide to SMT Inspection: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond, author Brent Fischthal of Koh Young Technology takes readers through a brief history of SMT inspection before discussing the benefits of data-driven analytics and how intelligent software solutions can help companies analyze and optimize the production process.

In this free downloadable title, readers will learn how artificial intelligence has demonstrated promising potential in this field and has far-reaching applications within the manufacturing sector.

According to Intervala Process Engineer Christopher St. Mars, “This book offers an accurate look at the aspects and challenges the electronics manufacturing industry faces with regard to SMT Inspection and its surrounding technology. In-depth insight on new and exciting true 3D inspection technology is provided, with a look into the future of leveraging big data management and autonomous manufacturing for a smarter factory.”

Download your free copy today at I-007eBooks.com/SMTI.


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