EMSNOW and IPC Launch North American EMS Research Study

EMSNOW and IPC Launch North American EMS Research Study


Logo CombinationEMSNOW, in alliance with the IPC, is launching a survey of North American based EMS companies. The purpose of this survey is to identify as many North American based EMS companies as possible in all size categories and create a general profile of this important sector of the global industry.

Currently, global electronics manufacturing is experiencing a major shift as companies respond to rapidly increasing demand, unprecedented global supply chain disruption, expansion of electronics into new markets, and geopolitical uncertainty.  Many companies are reconsidering their global manufacturing strategy.  We believe that a regional electronics manufacturing strategy – build in the region for the region – is gaining momentum as the most advantageous approach. In order to implement such a strategy, it is critical for OEMs to understand the capabilities of each region and know the companies operating there.

Our survey is designed to generate a basic operational profile of the industry in areas to include:  # of facilities, employees, SMT lines, and factory square footage; industry sectors served; services provided; and revenues by tier.  All participant data will only be used in aggregate to construct an image and sizing of the North American industry. No individual company profiles will be published or shared unless the companies opt to have one included.  This study will be conducted annually.

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Eric Miscoll, EMSNOW Publisher

“The North American EMS industry is undergoing a major disruption, with increasing M&A activity and an awakening need to shorten supply chains and regionalize global manufacturing footprints. Now is the time to gather data about the scope and scale of the industry in this region, both to enable post-pandemic recovery and provide a benchmark for ongoing trend analysis,” explains publisher Eric Miscoll. “While there are other market research studies focused on the EMS industry, no one is collecting such data specific to North America.  Europe, as an example, has a dedicated resource specific to the industry, and our intention is to provide something similar for North America. When I was working in market research at Technology Forecasters, we only estimated the number of companies doing EMS, which we are defining as any company that has PCBA as their core business. We thought at that time there was anywhere from 1500- 3000 companies, a range too wide to be useful. I’ve been itching to get a better handle on this for years, and am very excited to start digging in.”

“IPC is excited to partner with EMSNOW fielding and promoting this North American EMS industry survey,” said Chris Mitchell, IPC’s vice president of global government relations. “Technology and manufacturing trends, in conjunction with global developments, are driving greater interest in the electronics supply chain among those inside and outside our industry. This survey of EMS manufacturers will further illuminate the size and character of a critical part of the electronics supply chain.”

Those that participate in the study will get the final data presentation at no charge. In addition, we will compile and post a list of North American EMS companies, including their website link, if survey participants opt in to that listing when completing the survey.

The survey is live now. If your company is headquartered in North America, and provides PCBA services as a core offering, please consider filling out this survey today!

North American EMS Survey link


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