Archimedes Launches Portable Microscope on Kickstarter

Hong Kong – Season Group (“Season”), an advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider with a global footprint, is pleased to announce the launch of the Em1, a revolutionary powerful, light weight portable microscope designed and developed by Archimedes Research Limited, and manufactured by Season Group, now available on Kickstarter.

The Em1 sets itself apart from the competition in terms of its price, quality, magnification level, performance, accuracy, weight and portability. The compact-size Em1 easily fits in the palm of your hand and can instantly capture high-grade images for transmission from remote locations, for instance, to allow further examination at a pathology laboratory for a second opinion or to instantly diagnose diseases such as malaria, TB or schistosomiasis which affects millions around the world.

Awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Microscopical Society as a result of his invention of the Em1, Keith Dunning, Chairman of Archimedes Research Limited, stated, “The Em1 is revolutionary: it is the only portable instrument that provides fully integrated lighting, XY indexing and high-quality optics capable of diagnosing microorganisms and blood-borne tropical diseases, such as malaria.”

The Em1 is well suited to a wide range of applications including healthcare/medicine, water sanitation, environmental and pollution studies, field sciences, zoology, veterinary pathology, marine biology, micro-photography and for academic study or general use by both amateurs and professionals.

Carl Hung, President & CEO of Season Group said, “Season Group is most pleased to have manufactured this unique invention of the Em1 for Archimedes Research. We are impressed with its innovative and robust features, and most importantly, its wide range of applications that will provide substantial benefits to the world in terms of environmental protection, healthcare and disease prevention, scientific education, etc. This aligns perfectly with our mission of “improving the world’s living standards through offering quality products manufactured in a socially environmentally responsible manner”. We hope that more people will pledge support of this worthwhile product currently on Kickstarter.”

Meticulously designed, an initial prototype won UK Business Link’s ‘Smart Micro Project Award’ and the East of England Development Agency’s Creative East Award for ‘Best Design Innovation’. On the global stage, the Em1 was shortlisted for the ‘Telemedicine Award’ at the Commonwealth Digital Health Awards & Summit in 2018.