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EMSNOW On Tour: Visit to Swiss EMS Cicor and Vosch

unnamedIn this episode of EMSNOW On Tour, Eric and Dieter discuss their visit across the border from Bavaria to the Swiss EMS companies Cicor and Vosch. The two share their experiences traveling into Switzerland with ever evolving covid health guidelines, as well as their impressions of the two uniquely positioned global EMS companies. Cicor’s CEO Alexander Hagemann and VP of Strategic Sales and Business Development Dr. Michele Stampanoni explained that company’s focus on high mix, low volume, complex PCB technology, serving the ‘AIM’ market sector, aerospace/defense, industrial and medical. Vosch’s CEO Uwe Frech demonstrated their impressive ‘low-touch’ storage and assembly systems where components are placed with very little human contact. It’s a fun conversation with some fascinating insights into how two companies execute their strategy.

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