EMSNOW Profile: C-MAC Electronics Solutions

C-MAC is a manufacturer of high-reliability electronics solutions for harsh environments.

Company Name: C-MAC Electronics Solutionscmac logo

HQ Address:      Industriepark Klein Frankrijk
Industrielestraat 4
9600 Ronse

Website: https://cmac.com/

Manufacturing services provided

  • Prototyping
  •  New Product Introduction (NPI)
  •  Material purchasing
  •  Printed Circuit Board Assemble (PCBA)
  • Box Build
  •  Testing services
  • Fulfillment
  • After Market services
  • Thick Film Ceramics printing and assembly
  • Wire bonding
  • DBC Direct Bonded Copper assemblies
  • Chip on Board
  • Hermetic Modules


  • Employee Count
  • 100-499
  • # of Manufacturing facilities by region:
    • Americas 1
    • Europe 2
  • # of SMT lines by region:
    • Americas 2
    • Europe 6
  • Manufacturing floor space by region (in sq ft or meters, please specify):
    • Americas 50.000 sq ft
    • Europe 110.000 sq ft


Industry sectors served

Industry Sector % Business
Automotive 60%
Industrial 28%
Medical 4%
Aerospace 8%



  • Revenue 2021 : 48M USD

What do you consider your key differentiators as an EMS?

Wide range of technologies & process capabilities: standard PCBA, vacuum reflow, Thick film ceramic & assembly, Direct bond copper & assembly, Wire bonding thick and thin, hermetic modules combine with automated inspection and test capabilities.

Independent Market Leader Thick Film Printing Europe

We bring manufacturing solutions by offering DFM to customers, we interfere with customer design team in early design phase.

All major industry certifications present in the group: Automotive, Aerospace & Medical

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