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ECIA Posts Electronic Industry Coronavirus Impact Survey Results

A survey of approximately 6000 electronics industry participants, including 85% from China was conducted in early February 2020 by TPC.

Technology Partners Consulting (TPC) provides independent third party consulting to electronics suppliers and financial services firms. TPC provides ECIA with a monthly report on a market trends survey administered by Glenn Hitchcock, TPC founder and president. The report provides results from a survey sent to 20,000 electronic industry professionals across the globe to assess their expectations for order activity and inventory levels.

As a follow up to our ongoing research on the impact to the electronics supply chain in China from the Coronavirus;
we did a special survey. The survey had ~6000 respondents with ~85% located in China. Our key findings along with our supporting, on the ground checks are as follows:

  • 83% of the respondents are seeing a negative impact to demand and/or production from the virus.
  • Roughly half of the respondents see production down more than 10% for C1Q due to the virus’ impact and
    another 40% see it down 6-10% vs. previous plans.
  • 44% think this shortfall in C1Q will not be made up in C2Q.
  • Regarding the C2Q shortfall, ~70% of these responses believe there will not be enough workers back by C2Q to
    make up the C1Q production deficit; while ~65% believe there will not be enough components available in C2Q
    to make up the shortfall. Only ~25% see any demand being destructed because of production shortfalls in C1Q.
  • We are seeing evidence that only ~50% of the workforce at the major manufacturing sites have returned.
  • China Gov’t officials are not available at factories to approve their reopening.
  • ~40% of China based suppliers have still not given a return to work date to their workforce.
  • Non-China based components that do ship in February in a lot of cases cannot be received in due to lack of
  • We believe that the increase to C2Q’s manufacturing schedule and requirements will further tighten supply chains resulting in shortages and some allocation.

ECIA Members can access the complete report at

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