SIA Launches Semiconductor Data Dashboard


By Robert Casanova, Director, Industry Statistics and Economic Policy

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has launched a new Semiconductor Unit Sales Dashboard to provide regularly updated, publicly available sales data for a range of semiconductor products. Amid the ongoing global chip shortage, the Dashboard provides information to industry, government stakeholders, and the public at large about unit sales of semiconductors. Dashboard data is provided on a three-month moving average and will be updated on a monthly basis.

The semiconductor industry has taken extraordinary steps to address the ongoing global chip shortage in the short term, including ramping up production and shipments to unprecedented levels. The Dashboard is aimed at promoting transparency in the global chip market, so industry, government, and other stakeholders can make informed decisions in real time about further efforts to resolve the current shortage and avert future ones.

Demand for semiconductors is projected to grow substantially in the years ahead due to the increased digitization of the economy, growing demand for “smart” products, increased remote work, schooling, and shopping, and the importance of advanced technologies in addressing climate change and healthcare needs, among other factors. To meet this growing demand and counter the supply chain shock caused by the pandemic, the semiconductor industry has in the short term substantially expanded shipments by increasing the utilization of existing manufacturing capacity.

To meet increased chip demand over the long term, more semiconductor manufacturing facilities, called fabs, must be built. Congress is considering comprehensive competitiveness legislation that would provide $52 billion in federal investments for the domestic semiconductor manufacturing and research provisions in the CHIPS for America Act.

SIA also supports a semiconductor investment tax credit, as called for by the FABS Act, to complement the manufacturing incentives and research investments in the CHIPS Act. SIA has called for enacting this legislation and expanding it to cover both semiconductor manufacturing and design.

The semiconductor industry remains committed to continuing efforts to address the ongoing global chip shortage and working with leaders in Washington to advance legislation that will help strengthen U.S. chip supply chains over the long term and avert future semiconductor shortages.

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